The Eldritch Evil

Green haze, the stench of old magic, inexplicable noises: the Eldritch Evil is the blight on the land. Lying in the center of the continent, The Eldritch Evil influences all the various nations’ races.

Random streams of energy will stream out over miles, seeking ways to disrupt the natural order: Dead rise and harass villages, mounds of earth come to life and destroy trade caravans, trees lose all their leaves in the summer.

Once an ancient and mighty civilization ruled there, but now only green fog and death await.
It is theorized that some great Evil resides in the center of the Eldritch Evil, that, once defeated, would cure the land from this blight. However, it is prophesied that only when all the nations unite will they be able to defeat it. Many individual nations have tried and failed, at great loss.

A few centuries ago, a massive insurgency of magical minions emerged from the Eldritch Evil to lay waste to the world. The nations barely survived by uniting at the last minute, and using their combined force to push back the Evil. It was planned to actually go and defeat the Eldritch once and for all, but due to the mistrust of other races, a sizeable percentage of humans rebelled and eventually splintered the alliance.

The Eldritch Evil

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